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Server Suggestions [FORMAT] Empty Server Suggestions [FORMAT]

Post by Casper on Mon Dec 12, 2016 6:49 pm

Suggestions - FORMAT

Use the following format while suggesting a new idea/feature for server/forum.
[b]Suggestion for:(Forum/Server)[/b]
[b]Your suggestion(please include as much info as you can):[/b]
[b]Extra notes:[/b]

Your suggestion might get rejected for several reasons, some of them are:

-If it can affect the server's performance( cause lag..etc ).
-If it can cause trouble to other players or staff.
-If it can be abused easily.
-If It's not needed/unsuitable.
-If it's impossible to add.
-If it cant be added because of the way the current scripts functioning.

Super DM Server Management.

Server Suggestions [FORMAT] Bkk27KY

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