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Clan Register Application [FORMAT] Empty Clan Register Application [FORMAT]

Post by Casper on Fri Dec 02, 2016 5:51 pm

You can apply here to register your clan. Being a registered clan will unlock many commands that are found in /cmds. But the main features are:

- Imposters/names that are not in your clan will be kicked automatically.
- Your clan will register your current death's and kills.
- You will get access to a clan bank. Everyone can donate to but only a select few can withdraw from.
- You get be able to have a private chat that only your clan members can see (using /clanchat).
- You will be able to teleport to clan members with /nogoto on. But not members with /nogoto full.

- You need to have been in your clan for at least one month, so we are not wasting our time.
- You need to have at least 2 other active members.
- You need to have a topic about your clan on the official VC-MP forum, linking a forum for your clan is optional but recommended as well.

You should have this three things, but two out of three is acceptable:
- A link to your clan topic on the official VC-MP forum.
- A link to your clan forum.
- A link like a memberlist that proves that the clan leader is who he say he is.
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Clan Register Application [FORMAT] Bkk27KY

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