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Server Rules [Updated 2016] Empty Server Rules [Updated 2016]

Post by Casper on Fri Dec 02, 2016 6:02 pm

Note: Admin rules can be found here:

I: You might not be able to break this rule anymore due to patch updates on the server.
II: This rule break is very rare as of VC-MP 0.4.
III: You might not be able break this rule in VC-MP 0.4. It's an old 0.3 rule. They still apply though.

All rules still applies even if they are outdated.


Health hacking (II): A health hack is a program used to change your health or to protect you from taking any damage. Using a HP hack will result in an instant ban. To detect/prove that someone is HP hacking you have to knock the player down with any sort of shotgun. If the player can be seen getting up without losing any health, the player is most surely a HP hacker. Super DM Server also has two auto kickers that detects HP hacking, which will help the admins to detect some of the hackers.
Armour hacking (II): Using armour on Super DM Server is absolutely disallowed and will result in a ban even though it isn't possible to play with armour due to the auto kicker.
Speed hacking (II): Changing your characters speed without using a server command is against the rules. Anyone caught speed hacking will immediately get banned. Super DM Server has one auto kicker for speed hacking and any sort of teleporting hack, which will auto kick you if the admins don't ban you first.
Wall hacking (II): You're not allowed to use any sort of program to make you be able to walk or fly through walls. Using a wall hack will result in an instant ban.
Gravity/fly hacking (II): Just like the rules of speed hacking and wall hacking, you're not allowed to set the gravity of your character without using a server scripted command. If you're using a gravity/fly hack you will get an instant ban.
Sliding: If a player is moving and shooting with a weapon you can only normally shoot with while standing still, without stopping, he is sliding. Moving, stopping, switching weapons, shooting once/twice, then moving again is not sliding. Anyone caught breaking this rule should be warned or banned.
Modding / other hacking: Modding your game in any way that gives you a noticeable advantage (to any players online) in any scenario while in combat is disallowed. Improving textures, aim sights, changing skins or models is not noticeable to the server can therefor not be punished. Anyone caught with a mod of this type should be punished with a warning, kick or a ban.
Map modding: Modding your map is not allowed on Super DM Server. If you're caught modding your map you will be forced to remove it or get banned.



Wall glitching (III): Glitching by killing from a place that isn't accesible without the use of any commands or from a place not possible to get to without penetrating a object/solid (a wall, a roof, a fence, etc.) is not allowed unless there is no wall separating the killer from the victim. If you're caught wall glitching in this way, you will either get a warning, a kick or a temp-ban.
Rocket glitching (I): Rocket glitching includes fast switching with a rocket launcher in such a way that explosions does not appear or does not affect the wielder of the weapon. Anyone that is caught abusing this glitch should be equally punished as a wall glitcher.
Helicopter glitching (III): Using a helicopter under the ground to kill people by penetrating the heli-blades above the ground, is disallowed. The punishment for helicopter glitching is the same as the other punishments for glitching.
Ghost city bug (III): Wall glitching while you're doing the ghost city bug, is not allowed. If you're caught abusing this bug to wall glitch, you will get the same punishment as you get from other glitching rules.


Command abusing

General commands

/kill (III): Using the command /kill to avoid messages like "player1 killed player2 (m4) (head)" is not allowed on Super DM Server. If proof is shown that a killer is not getting credit for killing a certain player, that player will be warned and then get a temp-ban or a stats reset if this continues.
/fix & /repair (I): Using the command /fix or /repair while you are in combat is forbidden. Anyone caught doing this once or twice should be verbally warned and then warned/kicked/banned if they keep doing it more than that.
/q: closing your game by typing /q after or right before you die is not allowed if the server doesn't register your death. It is recommended that you wait for at least 5-10 seconds on the character select screen before you close down the game with /q. If you're caught abusing this command you will be punished in accordance to the rules of death evading, which can be found under headline "Other rules".
/c warn and /c kick: Using /c warn and /c kick on an admin that is a higher level than you, is now no longer allowed unless it is used in the purpose of protecting the server.
/setgrav and /setspeed: If you use /setspeed or /setgrav to change the server it can affect the players gameplay in both a negative and positive way. Make sure you only use /setspeed and /setgrav when other admins are around for a fun purpose or when the players agrees to it. If you however use the commands to annoy players by setting a too high or too low gravity/speed, you can expect a demotion.
/bringall: You're not allowed to use /bringall more than once or twice a day just to create a fight, since it will be annoying for the majority of the players. Due to some circumstances involving the speed hacker detecter, it is no longer allowed to use /bringall for a falling event.
/eject: It is not allowed to use /eject to eject a player from a vehicle just to steal it or to kill the driver. Super DM Server recommend that you only use /eject to help players that can't get out of their vehicle or when you suspect that a rule has been broken by the driver
/dance, /sit, /crawl, /jump, /lie, /aim, /handsup or any other command that helps you to get up faster after falling (I): It's not allowed to use any commands to help you get up faster after being hit by a shotgun.

Other commands
If a command that is level 2 or higher is not listed here it means that these basic rules apply for the command:

If your command forces innocent players to interrupt whatever they are doing, it has to be in the purpose of making their gameplay more fun. You also have to make sure no one is getting annoyed by it. This rule does not apply if the player is breaking the rules.
You're not to allowed to use your command to get an advantage in combat.
If your command has an effect on the server that is negatively affecting the players gameplay, you have to remove the effect immediately.
It is forbidden to use your command in the purpose of killing or punishing anyone unless they are breaking the rules.
If a high level admin tells you to not use your command, you have to obey him/her and report him/her if he/she is breaking the rules.


Death evading

Closing your game: if you close your game by using the main menu (esc) or by /q after or before a death and the server doesn't register it, you will be punished for being a death evader. The punishments for death evading can vary all the way from a warning/kick to a stat reset or a ban.
Crashing: If your game is repeatedly (more than once) crashing right before or after you die and the server doesn't register your death, you could get punished as a death evader.
Pausing: You're not allowed to pause your game right before or right after you die unless the server has already registered your death. Pausing includes pressing esc, alt + tabbing or any button/mouse combination  that either returns you to the desktop or simply brings up the menu. The punishment for breaking the rules of pausing, is the same as the punishments for death evading.


Other rules

Ban evading: You're not allowed to play while being banned. Anyone caught ban evading will instantly be banned again. Use /banip in combination with /ban to make it more difficult for hacker to evade.
Spamming: Spamming by repeating a message or by flooding the chat with messages, is not allowed. Anyone that is caught spamming frequently should be warned, kicked or temp-banned, depending on how serious the spamming is.
Insulting: You're not allowed to insult other players frequently. Insulting someone includes calling players by offensive names and/or swearing at them. It is also not permitted to insult someones religion or culture. Players who join with an offensive name should be kicked and if necessary banned (but try to avoid it). If a player is caught insulting another player /ignore is a recommended action. If the player is evading /ignore or insulting a lot of players frequently a recommended punishment is /mute from the admin. If the player evades the mute more than 2 times and have received several warnings that he will be banned if he doesn't stop, a tempban is a suitable punishment.
Impersonating: Impersonating includes using a name in the chat or in the server which differ only, from another already existing name, with 0-3 letters depending on the case. This rule does not apply if the staff doesn't find any similarity between the both names or if the person who is being impersonated is okay with it. Player that are caught breaking this rule should be offered a stat transfer and get warned, kicked or banned.
Stats padding: If you and one or more players attempt to get better stats by killing each other without offering resistance, then all players involved should get punished according to this rule. The punishment for stats padding is a warning, a stat reset or a temp-ban depending on the seriousness.
Team killing: Killing a team member is not serious as long as it doesn't happen more than once or twice under a short period of time. Players that are repeatedly or intentionally killing team members, should get warned, kicked or temp-banned.
Spawn killing: Killing another player the first 1-5 seconds on his/her normal spawning position is disallowed. Anyone who breaks this rule frequently should be punished with a warning, a kick, stat reset or a ban.
Advertising: Advertising another server in the main chat or through a pm by saying come to this server/IP is absolutely not allowed. A player is however allowed to ask his friends by any means to come and play some where else. A kick or warning is mostly enough punishment for players that are breaking this rules, but a temp-ban could be used as a punishment if the circumstances requires it. In 0.4 /mute is recommended as a first punishment.
Hacking exception: In very rare cases you can be given permissions to "hack" in other worlds where no players are present in order to test a system, find a hidden locations and other things.
Provoking: Provoking another player to breaking the rules by acting in a way that influence that player's behavior is against the rules. Anyone who breaks this rule will be punished in a way that is suitable for the situation. In 0.4 /mute is recommended as a first punishment. If someone evades the mute try to warn them to not mute evade or they will be banned. If they don't listen to the warning and evades 2-3 mutes, a tempban is a suitable punishment.
Discrimination: You aren't allowed to discriminate (group, permit, restrict or otherwise simply treat differently) people based on their race, nationality, country, gender, age, native language or religion. If you are using gender-specific  or age-speific language and who you are talking to asks you to switch, you must switch. Anyone caught discriminating should be warned, muted and finally temporarily banned.
Duel Evading: Players are allowed to leave a duel before it is over. If you duel someone without a choosing a duel with a bet, admins won't help you if you lose any money.
Scamming: You aren't allowed to scam people on purpose or make a business out of it. If you are caught scamming several people in a systematic way, you can get punished.

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